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Aeri de Montserrat - cable car at Montserrat - Stairway to Heaven

Aeri de Montserrat - cable car at Montserrat - Stairway to Heaven

One of the ways to get up or down Montserrat is via this cable car.

Aeri de Montserrat

The Montserrat aerial cable car was opened in 1930 and connected the Montserrat Aerial station on the Barcelona-Manresa train line (FGC) and the Llobregat highway to the Monastery. As a result of damage sustained during the Spanish Civil War the cable car was out of use for a time, however, it still runs today using all the original mechanisms and structure.

Aeri de Montserrat

The Aeri de Montserrat (Catalan pronunciation: [əˈɛɾi ðə munsəˈrat]) is an aerial cable car which provides one of the means of access to the Montserrat mountain and abbey. It can be found 1 hour from the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Travelers using the cable car should take note of its operating hours to avoid being stranded on the mountain, as it is operated by a separate company than the rack railroad and funiculars, and is not coordinated with them.

The line runs from the monastery to the station of Montserrat-Aeri, on the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) line from Barcelona-Plaça d'Espanya station to Manresa. The FGC operates the Montserrat Rack Railway, which provides an alternative access to the mountain and abbey, and two funicular railways on the mountain, the Funicular de Sant Joan and the Funicular de Santa Cova.

Building below says "Teleferic de Montserrat Aeri", which translates to "Aerial Cable Car Montserrat".

Stairway to Heaven

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Photo taken @ M on 15 May 2019 (© ell brown / Flickr)

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