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Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania  - United States - Monongahela River Bridge - The Panhandle Bridge Smoke, shadows and shades Gallops Mono White Tree near Moro Bay. Bradley County, Arkansas. 2020. Chingay 2019: Up the Carnival vehicle for a shot English Country Lane In galleria Muscle traction Never surrender Slow Service Confession Moto Guzzi Mike We`ll always have Napoli Drummers, always in the background. Lost Souls Alley, Krakow Mono Deep Blue in Black Skyscraper Through Rain soaked Skylight Well Read. Police Boat The Navigator. Runner inBilbao Sunlight has many benefits Me and my shadow ! Dress up warm Grandad. Beer Garden Mad as a hatter. Drug dealing too often goes unchallenged in our cities Dignity in Loneliness . Life in the tunnel.
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 bw, blackandwhite, black, white, monochrome, portrait, landscape, canon, clouds, water
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