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Monarch!! ... migrant this morning!

Monarch!!  ... migrant this morning!

I walked out on our deck to fill the bird feeders, and this male Monarch swirled right above my head then landed in a sunny spot above me in this water oak (it was 54oF). We had pounding rains last week followed by 3 nights in the 30's (no frost yet) ... and today is our sunniest & warmest day heading to 70o - so whatever Monarchs have survived need to move thru NOW. I later spotted a Monarch in our lower yard & am now expecting others.

Wonder where he came from North of us?? There are a lot of miles on those wings!

North GA, 11-6-19 (an hour earlier than EXIF data - I hadn't chg'd the time on the S5)

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Photo taken on 6 November 2019 (© Vicki's Nature / Flickr)

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