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Off it goes

Off it goes

{Sent from my Blackberry}

This envelope to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar contains the following letter:


Along with my own notes:

"I live in northern Nevada, have spent countless hours walking the fences at the BLM's Palomino Valley facility, and I support Madeleine's plan for a wild horse and burro sanctuary. As a travel journalist, I know that a facility like this one would boost the state of Nevada's need to expand and diversify tourism and would fall in line with our new administration's call to environmental and conservation action, while easing the resource burden on federal government.
Why is this a difficult decision? Interior Secretary Salazar, I know your roots in the San Luis Valley. I lived on the flanks of Blanca and in the streets behind Milagros in Alamosa. I respected what you stood for and how protective you were of the Valley's resources and heritage, and I was excited to hear you'd been named in the current cabinet in a role so suited to your background and beliefs. So let's set the bureaucracy aside and get entrepreneurial about our solutions over the next four, and with any luck eight years."

If you love wild things -- animals, landscapes, planets -- I encourage you to print, sign and send a letter of your own.

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Photo taken on 18 March 2009 (© adventurejournalist / Flickr)

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