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One derelict house a pile of rubble being hauled away....and next door another is on notice, short listed.....

In its day, the Neighborhood recognized Dog River as its main street. The water ran deep, lots of edible fish, seed shrimp in the shallows, lots of bait, and crabs in the parts of it subject to tide. Some had sailboats, some yachts, some john-boats or skiffs, or small boats outfitted with shrimping gear to trawl out in Mobile Bay..... Fully contained within the city limits of Mobile Alabama, it was affected by what those upstream in its watershed were doing.

Folks who lived along the water front of this small local river loved the "eau de vie" for the most part, or marched to a different drummer from much of society, if they lived here all year. I've lived along this river (all year) since 1976. I was pleased to be part of DOWNTOWN DOG RIVER, as we liked to call it.

Anything that is alive changes, or it ceases to be alive.

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Photo taken on 26 January 2019 (© moccasinlanding / Flickr)

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