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It was dark, but I remember something. fuck you and your orders the dead inside outside gate Mess hall degree with honours certificate retired scripta manent You stay in that hospital bed I've run out of space in the archive Your old office here waiting for you Well, lack of oxygen can cause the brain to hallucinate It's just a little shot to see that he sleeps One way Hurricane [Explore 29/07/2019] Aula Magna Last Judgement Here you can relax a little bit and enjoy the sun Straight ahead, left, right. The dust always falls on the dust Chairs for classroom training A Warren of corridors and rooms I will always remember this chair That window The way the light streams in... No one will be able to get in the villa Visit of the villa Belvedere #Urbex Castigo Arched hallway
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 light, misterio, dark, fog, portrait, night, bw, shadow, woman, girl
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