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My Own Self Reality Show Downtown St. Louis Do Not Touch the Underwear Mansion in Lafayette Square, St. Louis Prairie Lizard (Sceloporus consobrinus) Extensive Landscape with Travellers on a Country Road Gotta Head Back Down South John Matthews, Founder, Pappy's Smokehouse -- St. Louis, MO Emil Nolde, Red Evening Sky, 1915, Oil on canvas 9/28/19 #stlartmuseum Foreigner You've Been Weighing Heavy on My Mind Houses, Lafayette Square, St. Louis Mansion across Lafayette Park, St. Louis Row Houses, Lafayette Square, St. Louis Little Dancer of 14 Years Poinsettia Leaves Stay Close So It's So Long California Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower, 1924, oil on canvas 9/28/19 #stlartmuseum Four Eyes 66 Drive-In Theatre Casserole Lid Gateway Arch, St. Louis It's Snowing! Dried Flowers 13 Dried Flowers 12 Dried Flower 11 Sky (3 Jan 2020) Union Station Stained Glass Sky (30 Dec 2019)
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