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2018 - Hungary - Pécs - Jakovali Hassan Mosque

2018 - Hungary  - Pécs - Jakovali Hassan Mosque

After a short visit to Mohács we had a bus ride to Pécs.

The city of Pécs was founded by the Romans in the second century. By the fourth century, the city – known then as Sopianae – became a prosperous provincial capital and one of the most significant centers of early Christianity.

The architectural monuments of the 150 years of Turkish occupation, the mosques, the Turkish bath and Pasha Idris's tomb, can still be seen.

The Jakovali Hassan Mosque was built in the second half of the sixteenth century (1543 to 1546). The mosque was converted into a church in 1702.

The present mosque is the only mosque in Hungary that remained intact with its minaret since the times of Turkish rule.

Later, from 1702 to 1732, after the Turkish occupation, the mosque was remodeled into the chapel and named after Saint John of Nepomuk. The Pecs Bishop gave a Baroque look to the church from the outside and established a choir stand on the inside.

In the 20th century the church was remodeled: the Baroque-styled architecture was demolished and the original floor level was restored. The original furniture of the mosque follows religious specifications and the Muslim community of Pecs uses the mosque regularly.

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Photo taken @ Pecs on 10 May 2018 (© Ted's photos - For Me & You / Flickr)

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