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Minaret of a mosque seen down Anderton Park Road in Moseley Minaret, Plant Hall, University of Tampa Plant Hall, University of Tampa Plant Hall, University of Tampa Minaret, Plant Hall, University of Tampa 168639836 On the Bosphorus 陈德宣礼塔 / Chand Minar 2019-11-07_10-12-32_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-13-59_Note9_JH 2019-11-07_10-14-03_Note9_JH 2019-11-07_10-53-21_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-53-24_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-53-25_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-53-32_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-53-55_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-54-11_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-54-16_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-54-30_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-54-44_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-56-01_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-56-04_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-56-23_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-11_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-14_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-16_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-24_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-26_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_10-57-31_Pentax_JH 2019-11-07_11-02-21_Pentax_JH
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