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110418-F-YY948-096 100720-A-2274E-004 German Shepherd Military Working Dog 100225-A-3684M-001 110713-F-CJ989-002 110713-F-CJ989-003 110713-F-CJ989-006 Sarbi receiving the Purple Cross from the RSPCA Operation Red Sand destroys insurgent compounds in Bala Murghab k9 k9 k9 k9 k9 Best friends On to the next over the wall or... through it climber the other side Military Working Dog Kai and instructor Leading Aircraftman Andrew Mattner Jason Bright and Raptor at the Clipsal 500, 2011 20080731raaf8494074_0024.JPG 20080610raaf8144078_0398.JPG 20080610raaf8144078_0359.JPG 20080518adf8262658_136.JPG 100225-A-3684M-003 100225-A-3684M-005 IMG_4133 IMG_4132
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