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101201-F-7797P-006 Military Working Dog Kai and instructor Leading Aircraftman Andrew Mattner Jason Bright and Raptor at the Clipsal 500, 2011 20100619adf8500210_001 Soldier & Kay work together Europe 2011 에어파워데이/2011 Air Power Day 111201-f-oc707-002 101201-F-7797P-016 101201-F-7797P-010 101201-F-7797P-015 101118-F-7797P-009 110713-F-CJ989-004 110713-F-CJ989-001 110713-F-CJ989-002 110713-F-CJ989-003 110418-F-YY948-105 k9 k9 portrait of a K9 climber 100720-A-2274E-004 20080731raaf8494074_0024.JPG 20080610raaf8144078_0325.JPG 100225-A-3684M-001 100225-A-3684M-008 IMG_4133 Sgt. Bandit AKP-JCLC09028-05302009-Beda AKP-JCLC09024-05302009-Beda
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