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1 Feathered friends ducks pond Korea and Veitnam memorial on the green Plymouth building First United church side Coming in to land Gilded Lily Gallery frog Gilded Lily Gallery cat Plymouth building First United church Yachts back at the landing-2 Adopt a Hydrant 4 Adopt a Hydrant 4a We Mourn the fallen Missing link Grill 2 Vietnam memorial statue Adopt a Hydrant 1a Kite flying colorful-2 Kite flying duo Kite flying day box Kites Galore-2 Kite flying day Pirates Day Kite flying frogs Kite flying day box Kite Kite flying Pirate ship_ Kite Pirate Ship 1 Kite flying star Kite flying Kite princess Kite plane with flames Kite flying day banner Kite flying day Kite trianglular and rectangular