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IMG_8877 IMG_8823 IMG_8821 Star Wars Celebration IMG_8426 She's in a sideshow for Oddities & Curiosities visiting Indy. IMG_8381 IMG_8173 IMG_8296 IMG_8319 IMG_7726 IMG_8557 IMG_8624 Great Plains Rat Snake (Pantherophis emoryi) IMG_8480 IMG_8423 IMG_8383 She not only has an act in a sideshow but she owns the sidshow. I'm looking forward to summer where color is all around us. IMG_8848 IMG_8827 IMG_8674 IMG_8646 IMG_8643 Maybe April showers bring May flowers but it gets April flowers wet. IMG_8525 IMG_8379 IMG_8602 IMG_8489 Origional 1927 ORPHEUM THEATER Sign ...
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