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2018 - Mexico - Oaxaca - La Noche de Rábanos - 14 of 26

2018 - Mexico - Oaxaca - La Noche de Rábanos - 14 of 26

Radishes rule.

Each December 23, thousands of radishes fill the the zócalo as competitors put final touches on their ruby-red masterpieces.

Called La Noche de Rábanos or Night of the Radishes, the annual event has been a local tradition for 121 years and began as a way for local farmers and peasants to showcase their produce to potential customers browsing the marketplace. To stand out from their competition, vendors began carving radishes, colossal in size .

Noticing an opportunity, in 1897, Oaxaca’s then mayor, Francisco Vasconcelos, announced a radish-carving competition would take place each December 23. The event was just peculiar enough to grab people’s attention and whet their appetites for something different during the holiday season.

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Photo taken @ Oaxaca de Juárez on 23 December 2018 (© Ted's photos - For Me & You / Flickr)

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