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2018 - Mexico - Oaxaca - Arquitos de Xochimilco

2018 - Mexico - Oaxaca - Arquitos de Xochimilco

Oaxaca has remnants of an old aqueduct - Arquitos de Xochimilco (Arches of Xochimilco).

The aqueduct was built to transport the water to the city. The arches are part of an old street that connected the city with the old town of Xochimilco.

Today the street is called Rufino Tamayo, in honor of the great Oaxacan painter, who was born just a block away from the aqueduct. The aqueduct supplied water until 1940.

The hydraulic work started from the town of San Felipe, passed through Xochimilco, by crossing the Jalatlaco River. It continued on this site (Arquitos de Xochimilco) and ended up in a water box, in a corner of the atrium of the Carmen Alto temple, which still exists and marks the work dated in 1751.

The remaining stretch of aqueduct is approximately 300 meters in length. It is attractive for its green quarry walls and semicircular arches, made of baked brick. Area residents have built access to their homes in the arches.

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Photo prise @ Oaxaca de Juarez le 22 décembre 2018 (© Ted's photos - Returns late Feb / Flickr)

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