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To Santa María La Ribera and Back (34)

To Santa María La Ribera and Back (34)

Mexico City's Jardín del Arte is an outdoor art market which takes place every Sunday in a neighborhood called Colonia San Rafael. This market began in the 1950s, when young artists who could not show their works in traditional galleries and shows decided to set up in front of their studios and in local parks to exhibit and sell their work. A number began to do so at the base of the Monumento a la Madre (Monument to Mothers) and in 1959, the Asociación Jardín del Arte, a non profit civil association was established affiliated with the Instituto Nacional de la Juventud Mexicana. Since then other markets have been established in the San Ángel neighborhood and the Association has grown to 700 members. However, the original San Rafael neighborhood has deteriorated since the 1950s, and this has had a negative impact on the original Jardín del Arte.

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Photo taken on 2 April 2015 (© Carl Campbell / Flickr)

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