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2017_08-22f1 Volle Mülleimer Volle Müllsäcke der AWB Köln Full garbage bags of the AWB Köln JON AS Typical Berlin, a street in the city centre Räucherstäbchen Dirty Face (3 of 3) Dirty Face (1 of 3) Work Hard, Play Hard stacking books and more Sommeranfang / Summer moves on 2017_08-22c 2017_07-22m1 Seattle-022.jpg Hidden Away Mural Cleaning up 2017_07-07b Norio Side Up Gum wall window Organised chaos? Messy windscreen 52/24/3 #cf17 #messy Messy footpath 52/24/2 #cf17 #messy Sorting my possessions 52/24/1 #cf17 #messy Roper Is In There Abstract: Neglect Broken and Messy Towers of Air Defacing Graffiti Speed-Dating-MessyPiles550
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