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Another view of the sakura petals carpeted path- taken with my iPhone Another view of the kid getting decked up in a kimono Signage about the sake barrels wrapped in straw Far view of the main Meiji shrine Much venerated, the no photography rule is strictly enforced here Looking back at the large inner courtyard of Meiji Jingu A look at the torii gate from the inner entrance gate to the Meiji jingu Those beam ends look like scraps of paper! Daylight was fading, and the dense green canopy made the lighting even worse A kid gets dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono Heaven! All that is sake (Japanese rice wine) in barrels wrapped in straw Signage about the barrels of Bourgogne wine On the other side of the path were barrels of Bourgogne wine The spirits of the Meiji and Shoken sure have good taste! Signage about the massive gate you saw in the previous picture We are greeted by another large wooden gate as we enter the Meiji shrine Kazaridaru A selfie against the slice of heaven Formidable wooden gate leading to the Meiji shrine A delightful path on the way with a carpet of sakura (cherry blossom) petals A large entrance arch to the main Meiji shrine Meiji Jingu Shrine, 明治神宮 DSC06460-2 harajuku_20180831160148 harajuku_20180831161017 harajuku_20180831161114 harajuku_20180831161313 harajuku_20180831161553 harajuku_20180831161648 harajuku_20180831161709
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