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Sardinia - San Teodoro pond

Sardinia - San Teodoro pond

Sardinia, summer 2011.
This is from my early years using film medium format cameras, still had to figure out depth of field and exposure.

The small pond of Salina Bamba is separated from the open sea by a tiny tongue of sand, which is periodically overflown by high ties.
This is a portion of a big pond extending around the San Teodoro area; a complex and fascinating ecosystem, struggling for preservation in a densely tourist-populated area.
Some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia are in this area.
Exposure taken handheld, Bronica ETRSi medium format film camera, Zenzanon PE 75mm 2.8, 1/125s @ F 8, Cokin circular polarizer, Fuji Provia 100 slide film.
Scanned with a macro setup to an equivalent 4000dpi, then resized.

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Photo taken @ Villaggio le Farfalle on 24 February 2019 (© tjshot / Flickr)

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