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201908-001-008.jpg 201908-001-006.jpg Yes!! Shovel The Groom Porcelain Birds Provia 100 Yeah! Steps Ceiling light Dayton, Kentucky On a Lazy Afternoon  (MF Bergger Pancro 400) Marl, Blumenstraße Sunset Blvd. LA. Green Bristlegrass A Lotus About to Bloom Yan-Don.Shang023 Lot crossing When It Rains in Summer Backyard Saturday Film Shooter Letterbox Pancoast Alley Trees in black-and-white Yan-Don.Shang020 Illusions of Love   (MF Pro400H) Stumped Frankfurt, Dreieichstraße
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 film, holga, bw, blackandwhite, square, kodak, portrait, tlr, toycamera, lomo
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