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Mamiya 7ii 65mm Ilford HP5+ Met je sterretje vol in beeld A walk on Sunday afternoon Mamiya 7ii 65mm Ilford HP5+ Mamiya 7ii 65mm HP5+ Indiana Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana 2018__Sloss_009 2018__Sloss_012 2018__Sloss_011 2018__Sloss_007 2018__Sloss_005 2018__Sloss_006 2018__Sloss_004 2018__Sloss_001 Luxembourg city II Jardin des Tuileries. Paris. Jardin desTuileries. Paris. Literature, Birch Bayh Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Indianapolis, Indiana Mamiya 7ii 65mm Portra 400 Indianapolis, Indiana The back of a bus Blurry weeds Ventura bus Indianapolis, Indiana Clouds in the sky Monstera deliciosa Love you too
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 film, holga, bw, blackandwhite, square, kodak, portrait, tlr, toycamera, lomo
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