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Tóin na Machaire Loiscthe 01. Pine view lith I M Pei's Louvre Pyramid Under Construction. Haus + Hollerbusch Am Roten Hübel Mamiya 7ii + HP5+ (iso 1600) Two companions Ontario, Canada. Orkney coast Pleasant Ridge Former Burger King The Body Snatcher Berlin from the River j2019_003_003 Provincia de Limon, Costa Rica Wheeling beach . Hotel McLure Wonders of Spring Kaufman's wonders of nature Botanical Garden Berlin Oasis Discotheque Entree Spring Street untitled Bilder einer Austellung: „We will have been young” boulders
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 film, holga, bw, blackandwhite, square, kodak, portrait, tlr, toycamera, lomo
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