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Reichgedeckter Restauranttisch: Weiße Tischdecke mit Besteck, Gläsern, Servietten und verschiedenen Arten von Lebensmitteln und Snacks Bananas cooked in oil and sugar syrup “Not many have style / Not many can keep style.” ―Charles Bukowski  🍖 🍗 Ready for 'Make Your Own Pizza' night Making Sausage Wildmeat in Guyana's coast Formation, Recherche, et Environnement dans la Tshopo (FORETS), Democratic Republic of Congo IMG_5670 Chickens x2 Rotisserie Gen II LX Racks of Lamb Grilled Short Ribs on the SGC Preparing Dinner “It's important in life if you don't give a shit. It can help you a lot.” ―George Carlin 🍢🍢🍢 GUM-26 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-19 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-33 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-40 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-109 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-112 Gyarmati Disznóságok 2016-125 Iskender Kebab Heirloom Pork !  Available at Whole Foods, Vermont Maple Syrup Breakfast Sausage The pork ladies Yakiniku Fighter DSC01301_ep New West Side Downtown Whitney Museum of American Art 8533 Syringe in the Grass Grilled Spinach, Pancetta, & Goat Cheese Chicken Rolls Lanzhou spicy beef hand pulled noodle soup (niu rou la mian) in Beijing, China... Food Vendor
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