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Joel Steak Sandwich Orecchiette Zucchini in der Pfanne Blazing Pineapple Burger and fries Sushi 穴子のマリネとキッシュ Udon house_greenley_08062013_0005 SDC19405 SDC19426 Roasted pork belly pizza After the Feast 14/09/2012, 014/365, year 2 I'm sitting in the pub Alinea_2012_09_13_dinner3370 Meal on flykingfisher Crab cakes Lunch in the station [SPIDER WARNING] A dark feast Le'ggo my Star Trek Eggos! free Spaghetti Squash have a nice shape Spiced Pork Roll Takoyaki IMG_20140712_193624 Soup Curry 七草粥 Wimpy Burger Swedish regional cheese from Vasterbotten
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 food, dinner, lunch, restaurant, eat, chicken, rice, plate, eating, salad
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