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Screaming on the Inside..... The Tin Man's day in the sun Eerie YO/ME  EN MEKNES MARRUECOS EL 18-8-2015  2632 B Summertime Photographer's Gloves-HSoS! Bridge column and me Freezing winds slip ahead Never surrender Come Fly With Me Shipyard shadow Someplace Nothing Changes Sands Of Time & Solitary Man Lying Motionless Inside a Dream Portrait Quiet Music breaths life in to me.. He's only been our resident cat for a little over a week and already he thinks he's qualified to supervise me syringe feeding Bambi Portrait Mirror hold me Lost Track of Time Toronto Ontario - Canada - Photo Shoot in front of  Starbucks - Come for a ride with me Nightmares in Colour Tramonto a Grignano Trieste Slipping Away Parabelum. I Start Another Flow
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