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What’s the Point of a Packaging Insert?

What’s the Point of a Packaging Insert?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time, you’ll find a little extra something in your #shipping box when it arrives to your house? I mean something that’s extra, something that’s accompanying the actual product you bought.

As all businesses hope to do, retaining customers is an incredibly valuable thing and it’s something most companies focus on. It’s far easier to get a former customer to return than it is to attract new customers. But creating a sense of loyalty among your #customers sounds a bit tough, doesn’t it?

Enter the insert (insert the insert sounded too forced). It’s actually easier than you think for a #business to make customers want to come back for more: just add inserts to each package.

What exactly is an insert?
The inserts I’m mostly talking about are typically small, cheap items that accompany the product the customer ordered in the cardboard boxes that the original product is packaged in. They often include promotions, discounts, handwritten thank you notes, or even other freebies that customers may not expect.

What are best to include?
Discounts happen to be very common inserts. Customers will not only feel great for purchasing the first item from a company but also be excited to use their discount on another of that business’s products. Sounds like a solid way to get them to come back, doesn’t it?

Another popular thing to include in packages is a handwritten note, especially since customers (and people in general) love personalized things. By writing their name and something about their product or the company’s appreciation for their loyalty, they feel like the business took the extra time to care about them. These sorts of notes go a long way in retaining a customer base.

Why does this bring customers back?
It’s really quite plain and simple: people love unexpected free things. They’re happy enough to receive the product they ordered, but when something else comes in the cardboard boxes of the products they ordered, they feel even more special.

Think about the last time you ordered an item #online. When it was delivered to your house, did you actively become excited about it? While you likely were glad to receive your product, there wasn’t a sense of wonder as to what was in the box. But if the company you ordered from had previously given you discounts or free things that you didn’t expect, what would your experience be like afterwards? You’d most likely look forward to more free things, more personalized notes, and even more discounts for future purchases. Before you know it, you’d be buying something else from their site because you wanted to use your discount and get more in your next package.

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Photo taken on 16 October 2019 (© rosariorosser / Flickr)

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