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Looking Up Through a Canopy of Yellow Leaves HDS_PHOTO-34.jpg Decorated Pumpkins at a Halloween party Purple Flower With Water Dropplets Brown Leaves Red leaves Against a Green Backdrop Careful Now... Fall is Finally Here Waiting for a Train A Lone Dead Leaf on a Brick Sidewalk A Large Dahlia of Some Sort? Northern Mockinbird Serenading Us Bumble Bee Feeding on Flowers Butterfly Feeding on Nectar Red Rose With Water Droplets 48.FridayNight.BaltimoreMD.5October2018 52a.FridayNight.BaltimoreMD.5October2018 41.FridayNight.BaltimoreMD.5October2018 01.Elevator.WHSA.BaltimoreMD.5October2018 17a.1199SEIU.BaltimoreMD.31October2018 13.BenJealous.BaltimoreMD.26October2018 Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter cooperii), immature 139.OneCharlesCenter.BaltimoreMD.7October2018 181017-Z-DZ751-009 Asclepias tuberosa Dispersing Seeds 2018-09-18 - 09-22 Bethany Beach - Assateague Island 690 Africa CultureFest I'm living through a war in peace time Dying to get through to you Friday.POTW.12October2018 FOP Lodge 35 Family Picnic
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