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Morning with Valerie Marie Croydon Creek Waterfall and Pool 12a.GrimaldisGallery.BaltimoreMD.13February2019 #peabody #peabodylibrary #library #libraryporn #baltimore #maryland #gothicarchitecture #gotham #gothic #goth Andi Sullivan & Alanna Kennedy 08a.BusStop.511.BaltimoreMD.11February2017 Redhead Nobody Left to Play 08a.PearsonsFlorist.BaltimoreMD.28January2019 03.MARC.PennLine.431.MD.8June2018 JoeGiordano3.PennStation.BaltimoreMD.19January2019 Friday.POTW.18January2019 Barca and Spurs Daylillies at the Farm Trumpeter Swan (Cygnus buccinator) _O6A3722 This image is taken from Maryland Medical Journal, 37, (1897) 07a.MARC.PennLine.431.MD.8June2018 04.MARC.PennLine.431.MD.8June2018 14a.PennStation.BaltimoreMD.19January2019 16a.PennStation.BaltimoreMD.19January2019 17.BusRide.BaltimoreMD.17January2019 09a.BusRide.BaltimoreMD.17January2019 The way down is the way up Alan, age 93, shovels his driveway 03.Lobby.WHSA.BaltimoreMD.13January2019 43.FirstSnow.WHSA.BaltimoreMD.13January2019 18a.FPOTW.2018.MD.14January2019 01a.FPOTW.2018.MD.14January2019 First snow of the 2019
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