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Pretty Purple Flowers Pretty Pink Flowers Pretty Pink Flowers Heron Standing Near a Pond This Bad Mama Jama Was Chilling Out On My Chimney Alex Morgan 56.SundayWalk.BaltimoreMD.18November2018 Alex Morgan Holiday lights, holiday party Naval Academy Jewish Chapel Turbulence Rain again, naturally Red Fox At Sandy Point 2018 Motorcycle repair dept., Camp Holabird, MD 2-9-19 NARA111-SC-37201-ac Practicing the Flag Toss Bounce Rock, skate Roll, bounce! Colorful Lights on Our Christmas Tree One of Several Squirrels Who Hang  Out Under My Bird Feeder Friday.POTW.7December2018 WalkHome5.BaltimoreMD.6December2018 WalkHome6.BaltimoreMD.6December2018 Blue Heron Taking Flight Wild Turkey At the Guitar Center Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Green Roof 18a.MARC.PennLine.433.MD.6December2018 Pine Siskin (Carduelis pinus), unusually yellow Original works in Dilip’s gallery, Takoma Park
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