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Thumb Twiddling Hawker Guatemala #2, 2017. Snow at Christianshavn and the local Irma supermarket, winter in Copenhagen (København, Danmark) Boys will be boys! Porto, Portugal Fishtails and Folk Help is here The end of an era Cars and bikes of Old Phuket Festival VW at Old Phuket Festival, Thailand, 2-4 Feb 2017 Seacoast Lighthouse in Late Winter SaturdayShopping Langzeitbelichtung: Shinjuku Night Market Vegetables, Luang Prabang Laos MARKET Boqueria Market, 2017 crab claws unique j2016_014_017 Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. Chinese New Year Parade San Francisco 2017 Chinese New Year Parade San Francisco 2017 Markthal Market day at Southwold scraper on market Spices, Souks, Old Dubai CL Society 665 Random holding hands (6) Tehuacan - Puebla, Mexico Tehuacan- Puebla, Mexico
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 street, people, food, fruit, london, fish, mercado, frutas, vegetables, vegetales
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