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(67) Shot from the hip . . . Boston Massachusetts ~ Quincy Market ~ Landmark Historic Mercato coperto: Camillo Iona, 1935 - 1936 Cat on a market scale Duke Alley Bargain Shopping Apple Market Covent Garden Faversham Market - Aug 2014 - St Clements Candid Look to the left, look to the right, that's why I like this marketplace city. On sale _DSF1710 BN_small het meisje dat horloges verkoopt _DSF1814 BN_small Grand Bazaar Clothes Market, but where? Kildare Town! Zöldséges - Vegetable man Mystery Market = Grattan Square, Dungarvan! Upstairs Melton Market Place Auf dem Markt Market in Los Mártires, Bogotá Frutería Mercado do Bolhao Meanwhile, in the Marketplace On sundays noon / Sonntagmittags Composition Hunting In Morocco Pavilion Burmese kid (Myanmar) _DSF1712 BN_small
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