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Marines hold security during a fast-roping exercise as part of VBSS training at Marine Corps Base Hawaii robert kemp collection image Soldiers from the JGSDF conduct individual and small-unit maneuver exercises during Iron Fist Marines walk back to the firing line during marksmanship training atop USS Green Bay 190118-M-XH454-224 190120-M-XH454-043 190125-M-KK705-071 190125-M-KK705-101 190129-M-PY691-234 190129-M-PY691-241 190131-M-GL635-005 190131-M-GL635-007 190131-M-PY691-032 190131-M-PY691-078 190131-M-PY691-101 190131-M-PY691-145 190203-M-PY691-611 190203-M-XX000-047 190203-M-XX000-075 Drives a Humvee off a landing craft during a simulated Humanitarian Assistance-Disaster Relief mission Marines carry a simulated casualty atop the flight-deck aboard the USS Wasp An F-35B Lightning II carries guided bombs above the East China Sea An F-35B Lightning II is refueled aboard the USS Wasp Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 31 conduct a small-arms deck  shoot aboard the USS Wasp 190130-M-SK635-161 Marines and Sailors enter the well deck of the USS Ashland after completing a simulated HADR mission 190125-M-KK705-025 190203-M-PY691-032 190203-M-PY691-470 190203-M-PY691-517
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