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Cusago Castle tour David by Michelangelo - A day at the beach Bonty Killer, man by day and werewolf by night and his faithful companion The Wall Saffron risotto Boeucc - Ancient restaurant since 1696 Use by on a date to be defined Former industrial plants Richard Ginori Pasquale Restaurant -  Waiting for the fried minnows Have you been here long? Saint Charlotte of the Poetto with little demon Sanctuary of the Madonna della Bozzola Do you like green? Chronicles from the future - Godot has arrived ! A river runs through It Entrance to Rivalta Castle The housewares shop Horses at Saint Peter Castle park The beauty and the beast Two steps in the woods Prelude to a mixed meat grill at the Wisteria House The house that was never finished The house of the devil Melancholy mood Sailing on the waterway Everybody's dancing in the moonlight Rivalta Castle - Another panoramic view from the tower Rivalta castle - View of the courtyard The walk continues towards the castle Village of Rivalta - The walls
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