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Radical chic Shipwreck in Milan Charlotte and the emergency call A walk after the rain It's clearing up Mexico and clouds Raindrops keep fallin' on my head Malga Bassa Farmhouse - A pigeon, two hens and a wooden rooster Malga Bassa Farmhouse -  Enjoy your meal Escape route Chat in the square Shadows on the Cusago Castle The dark side of the Halloween moon Picnic at Cusago Castle Red Square Concert Green on red Bonty Killer, man by day and werewolf by night and his faithful companion Saffron risotto Villa lurking in the green Boeucc - Ancient restaurant since 1696 Fountain of the Tritons Pasquale Restaurant -  Waiting for the fried minnows Have you been here long? Sanctuary in the green Do you like green? Keep calm and relax, it's Sunday Quiet house with red flowers in the garden Bountycar Poldi Pezzoli Museum Second Punic War - Hannibal invades Italy
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