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Navy beach masters direct a landing craft, air cushion (LCAC) onto a beach. Marines guide ordnance toward an F-35B Lightning II. Flying by a Sunset, variant Flying by a Sunset, variant Flying by a Sunset Training with Things that go Boom Heavy Haul Sandy Skies Landing Craft, Air Cushion prepares to offload vehicles. 171023-N-OW019-275 150701-M-VZ998-493 150701-M-VZ998-039 150701-M-VZ998-229 Weekly Photo Competition June 20-27, 2013 Eager Lion 2013 [Image 16 of 25] Eager Lion 2013 [Image 13 of 25] USS America hosts Dubai Airshow 171112-N-ZS023-055 171112-N-ZS023-115 171029-N-OW019-049 171029-N-OW019-129 171023-N-OW019-024 171023-N-OW019-110 171023-N-OW019-277 171021-N-OW019-038 171021-N-OW019-075 171018-N-OW019-025 171016-N-OW019-005 171016-N-OW019-067 Eager Lion 13 [Image 1 of 23]
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