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Conventional signs for maps from Draughtsman's Alphabets by Hermann Esser (1845–1908). Digitally enhanced from our own 5th edition of the publication. Documenting America Part of British Columbia to illustrate the papers of Mr. Justice Begbie, Comr. Mayne R.N., Lt. Palmer, R.E. and Mr. Downie / Une partie de la Colombie-Britannique illustrant les articles de M. le juge Begbie, du com. Mayne R.N., du lt Palmer, R.E. et de M Reference giving details of tenements in Dungiven Town Plan, 1740 Old First Ward (Buffalo) Mural Auckland Islands (Maungahuka) Erdrutschgebiet Lade - Jordraset på Lade (1944) Image taken from page 256 of '[Black's Guide to England and Wales ... Tenth edition.]' Image taken from page 319 of 'A Gazetteeer of the World, or, Dictionary of geographical knowledge ... Edited by a member of the Royal Geographical Society. Illustrated with ... woodcuts and one hundred and twenty engravings on steel' Image taken from page 355 of 'An Outline History of the United States, for public and other schools; from the earliest period to the present time, etc' Image taken from page 619 of 'дополненное историческимъ обозрѣніемъ царствованія государя Императора Николая I' Image taken from page 1003 of 'La Terra, trattato popolare di geografia universale per G. Marinelli ed altri scienziati italiani, etc. [With illustrations and maps.]' Image taken from page 505 of 'King's Hand-book of the United States planned and edited by M. King. Text by M. F. Sweetser ... Illustrations, etc' Image taken from page 175 of 'Om Skandinaviens geografiska utveckling efter Istiden. (Text.-Kartor.)' Image taken from page 130 of 'North Pacific Pilot: Part I. The West Coast of North America ... including Port Simpson and Sitka Sound ... Fourth edition [enlarged and corrected up to date by H. D. Jenkins]. (Part I. Supplement. Being additional informatio Image taken from page 451 of 'History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814 ... From the fourth edition ... With ... engravings' Image taken from page 259 of 'Aus Irland. Reiseskizzen und Studien' Image taken from page 53 of 'Géographie historique. Leçons en regard des cartes. Résumant l'histoire de la formation territoriale des pays civilisés et l'histoire de la civilisation, etc' Image taken from page 183 of 'Bibliothek geographischer Handbücher. Herausgegeben von ... F. Ratzel' Image taken from page 127 of 'Primary Geography. [With illustrations.]' Image taken from page 699 of 'Kriegsgeschichtliche Studien' Image taken from page 21 of 'The State of Michigan: embracing sketches of its history, position, resources and industries. Compiled ... by S. B. McCracken. [With plates and a map.]' Image taken from page 204 of '[Cook's Tourist's Handbook for Southern Italy. [With maps.]]' Image taken from page 6 of 'An Account of Prince Edward Island, etc' Image taken from page 49 of 'A Pilgrimage to Palestine. An account of a visit to Lower Palestine, 1893-1894 ... With numerous illustrations' Geo-libra blue Image taken from page 20 of 'Chapman's Centenary Memorial of Captain Cook's Description of New Zealand one hundred years ago. [Extracts from Cook's three voyages of circumnavigation, edited by George T. Chapman with the assistance of Albin Martin. With pl Image taken from page 39 of 'Amerika: eine allgemeine Landeskunde. In Gemeinschaft mit Dr. E. Deckert und Prof. Dr. W. Kükenthal herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. W. Sievers. Mit 201 Abbildungen, etc' Image taken from page 65 of '[Medeira and the Canary Islands. A ... guide for the use of invalids and tourists.]' Image taken from page 47 of 'History of the Pacific States of North America'
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