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Manu Road Photos

Corades argentata P1220906 Cloud forest pink flower P1230157 Corades iduna (at front) & C. medeba P1230135 Corades iduna P1230108 Dalla species [dognini group] P1230126 Dione glycera, Podotricha telesiphe, & Hypanartia sp P1230017 Golden-headed Quetzal P1220948 Golden-headed Quetzal P1230119 Lymanopoda albomaculata P1220833 Pacchayoq waterfall sign, km 51 P1230030 Perisama calamis fassli P1220929 Perisama canoma P1220917 Perisama humboldtii P1220924 Pronophila cordillera P1220816 Pronophila cordillera P1230146 Pterourus warscewiczii on the Catasticta rock face at Km 50.8 P1230082 The Catasticta rock face at Km 50.8 P1230096 The road from Acjanaco to Challabamba, Cusco, Peru P1230169 The upper Manu road, Cosñipata valley, Cusco P1230150 Catasticta sp., possibly C. chelidonis P1220975 Catasticta on the wet rock face at Km 50.8 P1230035b Orophila diotima P1220643 Pedaliodes hewitsoni P1220619 Pedaliodes manis P1210914 Pedaliodes P1210904 Pedaliodes phrasicla galaxias P1210928 Perichares sp nov P1210956 Perichares colenda P1220299 Perisama calamis P1220183 Perisama calamis fassli P1220190
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