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The Softness: 4: A Place to Sit The Softness: 3: Trees, Kinnoull Hill The Softness: 2: Carse of Gowrie The Softness: 1: Pink Skies over Kinnoull Hill Tha an Geamhradh a ’tighinn Reclamation II Finlarig Cloud-bow, Stonehaven War Memorial Cloud-bow, Stonehaven War Memorial Dunnottar Castle West Woods of Ethie: Depth 1 West Woods of Ethie: Depth 2 Water, Water and Rocks Stonehaven Coast The Turtle Moves The Turtle Moves Night Lights, Kenmore Maxwell's Monument Around the Birks Trail (II) Going Through the Mill Fionn's Rock, Glen Lyon Forestry in Action Solitary Fencing-in Nature Snow-capped The Glen Monster in the Birchwood In the Birchwood Mark Transformed
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 photoshop, art, portrait, blue, green, nature, red, abstract, color, selfportrait
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