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In the City (Yellow Cap) - Chelsea, New York City Car Wash on 10th Avenue - Chelsea, New York City Neil's Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo New York City - Manhattan - Ladies Mile  -  Stern Bros - Old Department Store Don Giovanni - Chelsea, New York City Margot Mittwoch Black and white doorways, West 11th Street, Greenwich Village, New York Pearl Paint Sundowns Are Golden Then Fade Away High Line #I I Can Picture Your World Afternoon light On campus - Columbia University, New York City New York City - New York - Upper West Side Manhattan - Ansonia Luxury Hotel New York City - New York - Manhattan - Brooklyn Bridge - View from Walkway What do you see? A city full of opportunities? something else? Wicked Fast Times Square Night Rain 2 Tribeca Tavern Chelsea Fire Escapes Welcome to New York Manhattan Skywalk First Avenue 54 Morton Street (1900), Greenwich Village, New York Six Naked Ladies: 91 Fifth Avenue (1894), New York City One Absent Truth Come to the dark side Umbrellas for Sale
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