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Crusades Across the Void, Amazing Stories, October 1942, cover by Malcolm Smith Hawaiian Pinup by Malcolm Smith Giant From Jupiter, Fantastic Adventures, June 1942, cover by Malcolm Smith Martian Adventure, Fantastic Adventures, October 1944, cover by Malcolm Smith The Star Lord, Imagination: Stories of Science and Fantasy,, June 1953, cover by Malcolm Smith The Friendly Killers, Imagination, June 1958, cover by Malcolm Smith Starman Come Home!, Universe Science Fiction, September 1954, cover by Malcolm Smith Seahawks' Super Bowl parade IMG_7992 Malcolm Smith (Trending Twitter Topics from 28.08.2019) Space on My Hands by Malcolm Smith, 1951 Number 2476 SMITH, Malcolm Aidan SF058 DSCF4947 DSCF4946 DSCF4945 DSCF4944 DSCF4943 DSCF4942 DSCF4916 DSCF4915 IMG_2652 IMG_2651 IMG_2650 IMG_2649 IMG_2648 IMG_2647 IMG_2646
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