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Brewing Rooibos Tea

Brewing Rooibos Tea

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I've been drinking Rooibos Tea for over 10 years. It really is a good alternative to black tea. Today I made it in my Teavana Tea Pot. It's such a neat little gadget. You brew the tea in the pot then you put it on top of your cup and the brewed tea goes down the bottom of the pot into your cup!

The Benefits Of Rooibos Tea!

Improves blood pressure and circulation. Inflammation is a key player in the role of heart disease. ...
Keeps hair strong and skin healthy. The benefits of rooibos tea go beyond drinking it. ...
Aids in weight loss. ...
Treats and prevents diabetes. ...
May help prevent cancer. ...
Boosts bone health.

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Photo prise le 4 février 2019 (© ☼☼I'm So Ready For Spring!☼☼ / Flickr)

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