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dusk 2017 Oct. 14 narrow street

dusk 2017 Oct. 14 narrow street

This Japanese-style restaurant occupies a converted machi-ya (traditional construction, city-style house) and is 100 m south of the Echizen City Hall. A few generations ago there would have been a mix of workshops and residences with a larger number of people in the average family. So the narrow street would have been a bit busier than now, when so much involves personal cars, parking, and private communication by mobile phones. Life has become more compartmentalized, although some parts of one's day still take place in full view of the public eye, or in the semi-public view of offices, shops, and restaurants.

There are many reasons to dine out at a restaurant, including convenience, a chance to get away from one's routines and home setting, a selection of tasty food not ordinarily part of one's own meals, and the atmosphere offered as part of the presentation of the food. The very same morsels of food taste different in the dining area of a restaurant, compared to its kitchen, office space, or outdoors from the seating area. This "added value" derives from the context of decoration, one’s companions and (special) occasion, as well as music, lighting, smells and general ambiance. Perhaps reputation or rating/review of a place contributes to the significance of the experience and the taste of the first bit, as well. What of this restaurant?

The old-style private house with interior walls removed to form a large space with high ceiling give a hint of old times, and the menu, too, is a mix of cultural comfort foods and here and there some modern twists to give contrast, variety, and alternatives for those who want to try something new. Maybe this combination of nostalgia and novelty is true of other facets of current social life in Japan. Some people crave foreign contrasts to familiar Japanese ways, while others are the reverse, seeking to minimize non-Japanese parts of their daily experience.

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Photo taken @ 越前市 on 14 October 2017 (© anthroview / Flickr)

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