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DHC-2 C-127 : L-20 : U-6 Beaver, Castle Air Museum DSC_0053 B29A Fifi open hatch Pilot's seat 95-15-16A B-29A right hand gunner's dome from outside Fifi 95-14-27 B-29A aft fuselage, donkey engine (APU) CAF Fifi_95-14-6A Blue Angels Diamond burst DSC_0177 United Airlines Boeing 737 N12238 touchdown dual scimitar winglets AADSC_0501 Steam  train in retirement....1 of 2 in set. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 N309AS landing, with tire smoke DSC_1316 Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, JA740J, go-around, 29L, SFO P1013419 SAS Airbus A-340-300 smoking tire landing at SFO DSC_0736 Blue Angel landing gear, tail hook DSC_0474 Screws HotWheels - Time Machine Hover Mode when you wish upon a star BLACK ON BLACK Ulysse Dupond Dump truck Machine Gun Emplacement F111_crew_capsule_DSC_0673 A10A, port side, nose to wing T74 general purpose machine gun Quilting Done. Crunchtime Milling Truckee Airport Airbus A-320 Virgin America A_bunch_B-17_B-25_B-45_DSC_0349 SWA 737 -200 Houston_02-11-AI-5-1 14 Geisha - Proyect Machine - Videoclip Locomotora 2501 Slide Rule
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