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3-4 AHB Multi-Ship Aerial Gunnery U.S. Paratroopers fire their M119 Howitzer certifying their capability to shoot accurately in a timely and safe manner Wedding at BaDaGuan Old Cow Bend.....Lao Niu Wan Mobiles and Selfies at QiKou WanJiaZhai.....or thereabouts on the Yellow River in Shanxi Province ....I had that feeling I was being watched The water temple at Yangang New Jersey National Guard 181106-Z-NI803-0055 181106-Z-NI803-0061 181106-Z-NI803-0110 181106-Z-NI803-0122 181106-Z-NI803-0142 181106-Z-NI803-0145 181106-Z-NI803-0148 181106-Z-NI803-0173 181106-Z-NI803-0197 181106-Z-NI803-0316 181106-Z-NI803-0324 181106-Z-NI803-0329 The sandalwood Buddhist effigies at Yangong The market at QiKou Just a walk in the park Just a walk in the park Antelope Canyon..... just a crack in the sandstone R.I.P Hazuki le vieil homme qui commutait Galeries Lafayette Xmas Daily Life in China, by Leica M240, 7artisan 35mm
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