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Vessels of four naval service moored at Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class Mervin Pile directs the mooring of a landing craft, utility. 190213-N-DX072-1701 190213-N-DX072-1757 190213-N-DX072-1774 190213-N-DX072-1795 190213-N-DX072-1811 190213-N-DX072-1817 190213-N-DX072-1841 190213-N-DX072-1852 190213-N-DX072-1887 190218-N-DX072-1914 190312-N-KL617-007 Sailors direct the mooring of a landing craft, utility in the well deck of the USS New Orleans 190221-N-DX072-1010 190221-N-DX072-1013 190221-N-DX072-1043 190221-N-DX072-1063 190221-N-DX072-1088 190221-N-DX072-1098 190214-N-DX072-1033 190214-N-DX072-1595 190219-N-DX072-1102 190219-N-DX072-1124 190219-N-DX072-1129 190219-N-DX072-1254 190220-N-DX072-1027 190220-N-DX072-1036 190220-N-DX072-1048 190220-N-DX072-1054
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