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DR151210_0967D low lit path Light and Shadows in Box Canyon 1_DSC4200 131010-01886-RX100.jpg Meat Lady Doge's Palace (Venice) Rising Moon DR150408_0788M IMG_1588 DRD160405_0427 IMG_8957 DR160218_0977D DR151004_1215D 1_DSC7599 1A7_DSC6097 17drb0161 demaree tree-1 Flowers of shadow Nini_wbc54__2504 Paysages de Flandres : Wandelpad Lo-Reninge Autumn Canvas Ascent Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Time Square/New York Times Late Evening Traffic whirligig el diamante y el caminante Transfering photos in the night
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 night, light, dark, longexposure, nikon, portrait, canon, water, bw, street
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