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Lower Columbia River Highway Photos

Possible CRH Bridge, Honeyman Creek (2015) Westbound Dead End, Old Portland Road (2015) View From Chime Crest Segment (2015) Eastbound, Chime Crest (2015) IMG_0650 View From Portland & Western (L Street) Bridge Deer Island School Entrance (2015) Deer Island School (2015) Upper Beaver Falls From CRH (2015) Could be old masonry, or just rocks... (2015) Colvin Road Fragment into Private Property (2015) Colvin Fragment, Eastbound into Upgraded US 30 (2015) Overgrown Old Pavement, East End of Colvin Road (2015) Old Pavement North of Current US 30, near Kerry Road (2015) Overgrown Old Pavement, East End of Colvin Road (2015) Original Columbia River Highway Fragment, Westbound (2015) Signs at West End of Taylorville Road (2015) Old 30 Blocked, Westbound (2015) Old Pavement in the Woods, Eastbound (2015) Old CRH In the Woods, Eastbound (2015) Bones at Hunting Camp, Unlikely CRH Alignment Near Big Noise Creek (2015) East End of Burnside Loop (2015) View from Tounge Point, Old Columbia River Highway (2015) 1852 U. S. Customhouse (2015) Uppertown Firefighters Museum (2015) Once CRH, Now a Picnic Area, Clatsop Crest (2015) Old CRH Paint and Pavement (2015) Old Delena School, Re-purposed With New Roof (2015) Upper Beaver Creek Falls from Highway (2015) Upper Beaver Creek Falls (2015)
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