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AH79529 (18.05.25, Østhavnsvej, Oliehavnsvej)DSC_8567_Balancer

AH79529 (18.05.25, Østhavnsvej, Oliehavnsvej)DSC_8567_Balancer

Model: Volvo FH 500 First Class Euro5 6X2 (FH4)
VIN: YV2RG30C5DA750871
1. Registration: 2013-10-29
Company: Guldager Transport, Nibe (DK)
Fleet No.: -
Nickname: 6 Løberen (the 6-shooter)
License plates: AH79529 (oct. 2013-oct. 2018)
Previous reg.: n/a
Later reg.: n/a
Retirement age: 5 y 0 mo*
Photo location: Østhavnsvej, by Oliehavnsvej, Port of Aarhus, DK

*retirement date very recent, so may still return to service.

No less than 6 photos uploaded of this Guldager Volvo. Together they tell a story... This photo is:

5 of 6 2018 - I spotted this truck several times through the years, but almost every encounter was either by the motorway or along Marselis Boulevard. This photo marks the only encounter ever at the Port of Aarhus..

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Retirement age for trucks: many used trucks are offered for sale on international markets. If sold to a foreign buyer, this will not be listed in the danish motor registry, so a "retired" truck may or may not have been exported. In other words, the "retirement age" only shows the age, at which the truck stopped running on danish license plates.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Aarhus le 25 mai 2018 (© Lav Ulv / Flickr)

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