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Congaree Postcards (Congaree National Park)

Congaree Postcards (Congaree National Park)

I got the idea for this image many years ago from an article I read on ways to improve one's capture of stock photo type images (digital-photography-school.com/20-tips-improve-travel-sto...). There are many great points in the article, but one area focused on walking around a gift shop or park store that has postcards to see what they have displayed on the shelves. There are the typical locations one definitely wants to visit on any trip, but from that gift shop visit you might get other thoughts and ideas for photo opportunities. The thought is if postcards use these views then other places might consider them for stock photos. So while walking along the iconic Boardwalk Loop Trail, I captured this image of the boardwalk and the bald cypress trees with water still present in the floodplain…truly a sight to see…and perhaps a future postcard!

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Photo taken @ W on 18 April 2019 (© thor_mark  / Flickr)

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