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I Didn't Need to Know Where to Look; It Was All Around Me... (Congaree National Park) I Took a Traveled Path That Led Me to a Wilderness of Adventures (Congaree National Park) Framed by Some Nearby Trees (Devils Tower National Monument) Across the Desert Grassland to Sandstone Columns and Pillars with the Needles Skyline Beyond (Black & White, Canyonlands National Park) Aspens in Bloom in the Black Hills Congaree Postcards (Congaree National Park) Enjoying a Stroll Along the Boardwalk Loop Trail (Congaree National Park) A Setting of Wildflowers and Trees While Walking the Echo River Spring Trail (Mammoth Cave National Park) I Sought to Speak with the Elders Statesmen of the Woods While Listening to the Words with Each Passing Wind (Mammoth Cave National Park) Lightly Spoken Are the Words of the Wind Through the Forest Around Me As I Walked, I Pondered a Path to Take (Congaree National Park) Yellow and Orange are the Happiest Hues... (Capitol Reef National Park) Do You Want to Visit Nature (Congaree National Park) She Waited for Him... I Saw the Grasses Blowing with Each Passing Breeze Rapids of Ladder Creek (North Cascades National Park Service Complex) Fog Moved Across Lake Windward I Was in Solitude Even as I Walked Amongst the Tall Trees (Appalachian National Scenic Trail) A Portal View Through a Group of Balanced Rocks (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) Love is All! But Being Around Some Tall Trees Is Also Pretty Sweet! (Mammoth Cave National Park) An Arch Beyond the Trees (Gateway Arch National Park) Badlands and Eroded Buttes in Theodore Roosevelt National Park A Sweeping Turn Into DFW Airport A Pond Lined with Trees and the Gateway Arch (Gateway Arch National Park) I Brush My Hand on All the Green Leaves (North Cascades National Park Service Complex) Taking in a Wide Eye View to Badlands While Walking the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail (Badlands National Park) Taking in the Owachomo Bridge (Natural Bridges National Monument) Rolling Hills with Morning Overcast Skies (Wind Cave National Park) Hidden Amongst the Clouds A View Beyond a Nearby Forest (North Cascades National Park)
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