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Painted Canyon and Views from Buck Hill (Theodore Roosevelt National Park) An Unearthly Look to a Big Bend Landscape (Black & White, Big Bend National Park) Petrified Dunes and the La Sal Mountains (Arches National Park) Mount Rundle from the Trans-Canada Highway (Black & White, Banff National Park) A Gathering of Sandstone Fins (Arches National Park) Groves of Cottonwood Trees Along the Banks of the Little Missouri River An Old Cabin in the Forest of Mammoth Cave National Park Nighttime Skies Over Theodore Roosevelt National Park with the Milky Way Galaxy Center Sandstone Columns, Pillars and Knobs Scattered Across the Rocky Landscape of Canyonlands National Park Under Construction in Austin Blue Skies with Clouds and Badlands in a Late Afternoon Light (South Unit, Theodore Roosevelt National Park) Historic Entrance and Rain-Fed Waters (Mammoth Cave National Park) Sunlight and Shadows Across Badlands (Badlands National Park) Badlands Rising Tall Amongst the Prairie Grasses (Badlands National Park) Things Have Been Said or Done Over My Many Years (Mammoth Cave National Park) My Travel Paintings - Manti-La Sal National Forest and Mountains The Sweetness of a Countryside View Under Skies of Blue Looking Downstream with the Yoho River with Cathedral Crags and Other Peaks of the Bow Range (Yoho National Park) Tall As It Is Wide! (Gateway Arch National Park) River Styx and A Forest Greens All Around (Mammoth Cave National Park) They Say Live in a Beautiful Mansion...I Say Live Amongst the Mountains! Evergreens and Red Dirt (Capitol Reef National Park) In the Forest I Have Stood Under the Kentucky Skies (Mammoth Cave National Park) Cathedral Crags Portrait (Black & White, Yoho National Park) Life on the High Desert Utah in the Presence of the La Sal Mountains A Boardwalk Along Sloan's Crossing Pond Trail (Mammoth Cave National Park) Towering Cliff Walls Seen While Driving Along Utah State Route 24 (Capitol Reef National Park) Reading a Book on the Back of a Ferry Boat Looking to the Southeast at Morant's Curve (Banff National Park) Look in the Side Mirror… (Devils Tower National Monument)
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